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GRINGOS - 2018

Gringos opens its doors again for Summer 2018 on Saturday 5th May.

Not sure exactly what's involved at a night a Gringos?

Read the Q&A session with Mr Gringo himself:

  • 1. Where did the idea for Gringos come from?
  • It’s no secret that the concept of “bingo-rave nights” have swept across the UK in the last couple of years. Having the perfect venue and audience of tourists looking for quality evening entertainment during their holidays inspired us to bring our very own format to Magaluf.

  • 2. Can you tell us what to expect if we come to this event this summer?
  • Expect the usual chaos, raves, dance-offs, funny prizes and big prizes & much more audience participation…oh and plenty of Tequila!

  • 3. Last year was your first year with the event – how did it go?
  • We had a great response last year and not just from the youth market; Gringos is the ultimate night out for adults of all ages. It really is one of those nights that you need to experience as it is completely unique!
  • As a brand new event in 2017, tourists coming to the island didn’t really know about us, but now as this season kicks off we already have plenty of advance bookings in for the summer. Once you’ve felt the atmosphere at Gringos it’s hard not to recommend it as an amazing night out - In resort, word of mouth and endorsement is so important, and now people are hearing the buzz about us….Either that or they ask why someone is walking up the strip with a cardboard cut-out of Bruce Forsyth!

  • 4. With lots of disco bingos now in the UK, what makes Gringos so special?
  • It’s hard to compare as we are not operating in the same market, however Gringos is definitely something completely new and unique to Mallorca. There is nothing else like it here, whereas in the UK it is becoming a growing trend. So in a resort sense, it is special in that, it’s not completely targeted at a certain type of age group; and it is certainly not your average bar crawl or night-club.

  • 5. For those who have not been to one of those events before – they must still think Bingo is just for old people! Is it a good event for old people?
  • First of all, don’t confuse this as the traditional style of bingo – think nightclub and party atmosphere with music to suit all ages – from nostalgic tunes, old school anthems and present day bangers! There’s adult humour from the host and crazy characters to keep the crowd entertained all night long. Of course, we don’t often get many granny’s in, but it’s not completely focused on the typical 18-30 market.

  • 6. What we loved about Gringos is that there is nothing else like it in Magaluf – do you think this is why the event has become so popular so quickly?

  • Definitely! The resort is constantly changing and you really have to be evolving and moving with the times. Nowadays tourists coming to ‘party resorts’ like Magaluf, often book their event tickets in advance to ensure availability as the best ones often sell out by the time they’re in resort; so to be offering something different gives you a competitive edge. That combined with the fact, Gringos is brought to you from the makers of Pirates Reloaded one of Mallorca’s most popular and well established party nights, so you can guarantee it will be a top-quality event.